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Master Program

Master Program

  • Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies or MBS is a two year (four semester) program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. This is one of the most sought degrees in Nepal and every year large number of students gets enrolled in this program. The courses structure of the MBS has been divided into core courses, specialization and thesis writing for giving students comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter from different perspectives. Moreover, the course also aims to make students up to date with the modern practices and changes in the field of business studies. This program is designed in order to develop skills in students for being able to take higher level managerial position in private and public sectors.

Objectives of Master of Business Studies

The main objectives of Master of Business Studies (MBS) program of Tribhuvan University are as follows:

  • The program aims to provide solid foundation of conceptual and theoretical knowledge of management and business, its functions and areas combined with technical knowledge and applications along with good communication skills.
  • The progam aims to impart students willing to enter in the business field, the necessary knowledge and ideas of business and business world.
  • MBA aims to develop the capacity in students to use business studies knowledge in practice and obtain analytical and visionary skills to make conversant decisions while dealing with wide range of management issues.
  • It aims to develop research skills in students and motivate students in the lifelong learning and professional development in the field of management and business studies.  

Admission Requirements in Master of Business Studies


  • Students who have passed BBS from Tribhuvan University or any university recognized by TU is eligible for Master of Business Studies program. OR
  • Students from any stream who have passed Bachelor Degree from Tribhuvan University or University recognized by TU are eligible.

Entrance exam:

  • Students joining Master of Business Studies program in Tribhuvan University or educational institutions affiliated to TU should pass entrance exam.
  • The Faculty of Management (FoM) under Tribhuvan University conducts Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level entrance exam.
  • The test carries full marks: 100 and time duration: 90 minutes
  • Total question: 100
  • Verbal Ability, Quantitative Technique, Logically Answering, General Knowledge,Business and economics are of 20 marks each.
  • Merit list is published after the entrance exam and admission is done as per the merit list published.

Master of Arts

The duration of a Master of Arts degree typically ranges from one to two years, depending on the course and intensity of classes. Masters of Arts degrees are offered in fields such as Languages, History, Geography, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences (where they intersect with Masters of Science). Depending on the educational institution, the same subject may be available as both an M.A. or an M.Sc. degree.

Most M.A. classes aim to develop students’ abilities to think critically, analyze ideas and propositions, and express their own conclusions clearly. M.A. degrees usually have a high degree of class interaction. To receive a Master of Arts degree, you need to write a thesis based on independent research during the final year.

  • Master of Education

Master of Education is a two-year programme offered in constitutional and affiliated campuses under FoE scattered in different parts of the country. This programme consists of professional/pedagogical core courses and specialization courses. Specialization courses include Curriculum and Evaluation, Educational Planning and Management, English Education, Nepali Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Health Education, Physical Education, Economics Education, Geography Education, History Education and Political Science Education. Students can specialize in any one of these courses. Both professional and specialization courses have been revised and implemented since 2009.

Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the M.Ed. programme is to produce higher level academic manpower such as teachers, teacher educators, educational planners and administrators, system analysts and experts in the field of education. The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • produce qualified and competent teacher educators,
  • produce efficient educational planners, administrators, managers, supervisors and other educational experts,
  • promote innovative practices in the field of education,
  • develop educational leadership and experts that can transform the educational systems of the country.

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