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Bachelor Program

Bachelor Program

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four-year, 8-semester undergraduate program of Tribhuvan University (TU) under the faculties of Humanities and Social Science. From the academic year, 2074/2075 TU launched this program. Firstly, this BCA program was launched only in six government colleges so-called constitute the campus of Tribhuvan University with an allocation of 35 seats for each campus. Due to the increasing interest of students in this program, Tribhuvan University provides affiliation to 120 private colleges all over Nepal. All the colleges are running this program effectively.

BCA program prefers students to develop their career in the field of computer application and software development. This program is of 120 credit hour where 71 credit hour is of core computer application subjects, 9 credit hour is of Mathematics and statistics subjects, an elective subject is of 12 credit hour , and languages subjects contains 6 credit hours. Not only the subject’s credit hour but the BCA program also covers 13 credit hours of projects and internships. Moving inside the course, conventional lecture classes, tutorials, and practical-based learning of this course help students to understand and pursue their carrier in computer application and Information systems. The evaluation system of the BCA course is done in the GPA system. i.e. 4 GPA maximum.

  • Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) TU is a four-year degree program conducted by the Faculty of Management (FOM) at Tribhuvan University. It follows an annual examination-based system. The primary objective of the BBS is to nurture students into dynamic managers with the ability to shoulder responsibilities across various sectors.

The syllabus of the BBS course is designed to equip graduates with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to effectively organize and manage organizations in a challenging and competitive environment. The study plan offers specializations in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science.

There are numerous colleges throughout Nepal that offer the BBS syllabus, making it one of the most popular programs in the country. Every year, thousands of students enroll in the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course. Nepal boasts over 465 academies that offer the Bachelor of Business Studies program.

Objectives of Bachelor of Business Studies

The specific objectives of the BBS TU program for students are as follows:

  • Provide theoretical knowledge of business and administration to develop a broad management perspective.
  • Develop competent and responsible managers by equipping them with the necessary skills, abilities, and attitudes.
  • Motivate to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities and become catalysts of change in Nepalese society.
  • Create an environment conducive to higher studies, encouraging them to engage in teaching, research, consultancy, and other academic pursuits after graduation.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Business Studies

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for students applying for admission to the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program are as follows:

  1. They must have successfully completed their 10+2 education in business/commerce or an equivalent program; from institutions recognized by the National Examinations Board (NEB), Tribhuvan University (TU), or any other recognized university or board.
  2.   Students from other faculties, such as Science and Arts, must have studied Mathematics or Economics as a full paper at the 10+2 level.
  3.   They should have studied English as a full paper at the 10+2 level or its equivalent.
  4.   The minimum marks required at the intermediate level will be determined by the Faculty Board or the respective college. Generally, government colleges have less stringent criteria for admission to the BBS program.
  5.   They must fulfill all the criteria set by the college to which they are applying.

Some colleges may also conduct entrance exams, and candidates are selected based on merit.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a four-year course at Tribhuvan University. The program was designed with the purpose of providing theoretical and conceptual-based knowledge to students. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FOHSS) at Tribhuvan University (TU) is the authoritative body responsible for administering the Bachelor of Arts program. The motto of FOHSS is to develop qualified and dedicated human resources in the field of humanities and social sciences.

The BA course is the largest faculty in terms of the number of subjects offered and the number of departments it has. This program consists of over 30 constituent campuses and more than 300 affiliated colleges where millions of students are pursuing education and shaping their careers. There are many top-listed colleges in Kathmandu and outside the valley for pursuing a BA or Bachelor of Arts. A wide range of subjects are taught in the Bachelor of Arts program. Some of the subjects taught in BA include Major English, Nepali, Mathematics, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Culture, Political Science, Economics, Journalism, International Studies, Crisis Management, and Social Work, among others. Examinations for the BA course are conducted annually.

Fee structure:

The fee structure varies depending on the college and the courses. General programs like Major Nepali and Major English can be studied at a lower fee, while programs like BSW and International Development have higher costs. Courses in private colleges are comparatively more expensive compared to those in public colleges.

Objectives of Bachelor of Arts

The main objectives of the BA course are asfollows:

  • The BA course or Bachelor of Arts program aims to provide students with broad, comprehensive, and multidimensional knowledge and an educational foundation in the field of humanities and social science.
  • The program aims to provide extensive knowledge and skill development in the field of humanities and social science, which is extremely helpful for students in securing successful job placements.
  • Moreover, the program aims to enhance students' analytical skills and wisdom, enabling them to become passionate activists in liberating people and communities from various forms of bondage that hinder overall human development and freedom.
  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) also aims to prepare students to assume roles as teachers and researchers, as well as to fulfill social responsibilities in both private and public sectors.

  • BEd ( Bachelor of Education)
Bachelor of Education is an academic undergraduate program which provides fundamental knowledge of education, innovation in teaching, social policy to produce teachers in primary and secondary level of schools. 
Tribhuvan University provides three years and one year B.Ed. programs. Four year course have groups for learning about formal and non-formal education. One year core courses consists of Professional core courses, Specialization and Teaching practice. Syllabus focuses on methodological skills and pedagogical knowledge for teacher's training.
Purbanchal University also run three years B.Ed. program. Subject areas are more generalized to the practices and they also offer B.Ed. of distance mode. Curriculum is newly revised and internal evaluation based.

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