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Address: Mitrapark, Chabahil

Academic and Extra Curricular Activities Conducted in the Campus

1. Inter and intra group discussion, exploration of talent through the contests of various types, counseling and sharing of experiences of teaching and learning to be conducted during the end of Asar and first week of Shravan

2. Display of Creative Talent and Pre Teaching Seminar during the last week of Shravan and first week of Bhadra

3.Oratory Practice and Competition during the last week of Bhadra

4.Dictation on the first Friday of Asoj

5.Poem Recitation On the second Friday of Asoj

6. Quiz contest based on the Textbook on the last Friday of Kartik

7. Creative Art Symposium on Friday of third week of Kartik

8.Poets’ Symposium and Poem Recitation on first Friday of Mangsir

9.Debate Competition on fourth week of Mangsir

10. Inter and Intra campus Oratory competition on the first week of Poush
B. Ed level Quiz Contest on the last week of Magh

11. Subject-wise discussion between the students of Bachelor’s Level and Masters’ level Students during Fagun and Chaitra

12. Sports Events during Chaitra
1. Awards and Scholarship Offered by the Campus
The campus confers awards to the personalities, Littérateurs, members of the Campus management committee, bonafied teachers and employees contributing to the physical and educational development of the campus on any occasion.

2. Pashupati Service Award
Any one rendering his/ her service as a member of the campus managing committee, teacher, or employee will be awarded with Pashupati Service Ward for his/ her 20 year long unbroken service.

3. Pashupati Campus Academic Awards
Students scoring the highest Marks in the Final Exam from all the Faculties are awarded with Pashupati Academic Gold Medal.

4. Pashupati Campus Scholarship
Students scoring the highest shall be given scholarship in the further studies in the same campus.

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