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Pashupati Multiple Campus
(Affiliated to NEB/TU, Nepal)

Pashupati Multiple Campus

(Affiliated to NEB/TU, Nepal)

About Pashupati Multiple Campus

Pashupati Campus was established with the commitment and initiative of the education loving dedicated intellectuals with a sole aim of catering to quality education at an affordable fee structure. The history of the campus dates back to the strenuous time when it first ran its evening classes in the then MitraMandal of the PashupatiMitra Secondary School.

Message From Campus Chief

Pashupati Multiple Campus is thriving as a leading Technical Institution in Nepal under NEB. It is committed to provide quality education and learning environment equipping its graduates with required knowledge and skills to meet the global technical challenges.

The college has space for every section of the society and economically unprivileged students. Our main aim is to educate and train students to develop into real hands on technologist / technician who can meet the tomorrow’s global technological challenges of the enterprise economic.

I would like to call all the guardians, students, professionals and all associated individuals to have a faith in our efforts so that indigenous hand can be produced and they can easily get employment in their own surrounding as well as abroad.

Please do not hesitate to contact the college if you have any queries.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at the Pashupati Multiple Campus.

   Binod Panta
  Campus Chief Pashupati Multiple Campus


Pashupati Multiple Campus is first and foremost a technical learning institute committed to creating optimum learning environments and assisting students in an accelerated process of lifelong learning.


The mission of Pashupati Multiple Campus is to provide quality liberal arts and career oriented programs at Diploma/Pre-Diploma in engineering level of different faculties.

Pashupati Multiple Campus is a technical centre of excellence, providing an enterprising and stimulating environment in which students can learn and develop. Pashupati Multiple Campus aims to inspire all students to realize their full potential to become professional and creative technicians / technologists within the enterprise economic.


Pashupati Multiple Campus is dedicated to the following goals -
Student Success: Employment opportunities that require significant educational preparation.

Technical Education: All Pashupati Multiple Campus students will have a solid foundation in technical education. It will provide a comprehensive base of liberal studies as the foundation for higher degree in any stream as well as offering professional, technical and occupational degrees.
Faculty and Staff Development: Pashupati Multiple Campus will have the human resources to accomplish the goals of the institute by supporting a commitment to research to scholarly and creative activities that enhance instructional programs and teaching excellence.

What Pashupati Multiple Campus Does ?

• It conducts coaching classes popularly known as Diploma/Pre-Diploma in Engineering    Entrance preparation class.
» To prepare for the exam in short period and in an efficient and comprehensive     way.
» To secure good marks with minimum effort.
• It provides information regarding Sub Engineering and Sub Overseer career.
» The scope of engineering faculties and their tentative marks demand.
» The opportunities of engineering study in Nepal and abroad.
» The schedule of examination and the exam formats.
» The criteria about the entrance policies to get admission.
• It takes a series of model exams for NEB and other institutions which makes    student familiar with the model questions similar to the entrance exam.
• It provides necessary reading materials for the preparation of the entrance    exam.

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